Quick Start for sideloading PWA on Windows 10

You can easily test a PWA on any Windows 10 Machine by creating a package and sideloading it.

Sideload a PWA

  1. Make sure your PC is in “dev” mode. Go to “settings > Update & Security > for developers” and then put device in dev mode.

  2. Go to pwabuilder.com and enter your site URL.

  3. On step 3 of pwabuilder.com click “download”

  4. open the “Windows 10” folder and right click on the powershell script called “test_install.ps1” and follow the prompts

  5. Open your start menu / start screen and look for app in “recently added” or search for the name from your manifest.

Running Service Workers prior to Windows 10 RS4

  1. Join the insiders program at Windows Insider

  2. Check for updates on your PC until insider updates load.

  3. Follow above instructions but use preview.pwabuilder.com.