Introducing the brand new PWA builder

A better PWA Builder, a better PWA Platform boosted by Microsoft Edge, a better OS to run your PWAs on.

June 24, 2021

David Rousset
Program Manager APS W+D

We’re excited to launch v3 of PWA builder today - our open-source project that can help web developers like you build Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and package them for app stores like the Microsoft Store on Windows in minutes!

Since our initial launch many years ago, PWAs have become more powerful than ever. It has been an incredible journey so far, and we believe we’re just getting started. Every day we see more and more developers interested in evaluating their PWAs or publishing them to app stores. Over the years, we’ve received a ton of great feedback from our developer community, and we listened.

With the brand new PWA builder, the core value we provide to web developers remains the same. We want to help them:

  • Create and distribute PWAs across multiple marketplaces with minimal cost and friction using our simple tool.
  • Eliminate the need to understand native code or local platform architecture to take advantage of distribution channels like app stores.
  • Understand what makes a quality PWA and steps they can take to improve the experience they offer to their users.

While rethinking and redesigning the user experience, we rebuilt our front-end from scratch (using Web Components like lit-element, Rollup, Workbox, and TypeScript, as well as Fast Components) and improved our back-end API to be more stable & robust. Modernizing our architecture will allow us to launch new features more quickly and efficiently in the future.

The result is a brand-new experience we’re introducing today to build quality PWAs and package them for app stores!

Screenshot of the home page of the new PWA Builder v3

PWAs and Windows – better together than ever before

The newly launched Windows 11, Microsoft Edge, and the new Microsoft Store all bring exciting possibilities to developers building both native and web apps.

First, Windows 11 puts Chromium powered PWAs front and center, integrating them at its core. Thanks to latest improvements shipped in Edge 91, Microsoft Store PWAs are supported on Windows 10 and Windows 11 with shortcuts, web share, web share target, badging, push notifications, dark/light theme sync with OS settings, & more.

Second, we are glad to share that the technology built in Microsoft Edge and PWA Builder to package apps for the Microsoft Store is now available for all. There’s even more to come in the near future: Experimental features - Microsoft Edge Development such as URI Protocol Handling, URL Link Handling, Window Controls Overlay for Desktop Apps, Run on OS Login and File Handling. You can test them today using Origin Trials to create more integrated PWAs on Windows.

And finally, by distributing your web app through the new Microsoft Store, you can get it in front of millions of users looking for new apps and experiences every day. Whether you want to provide an exceptional user experience to your existing users on the Windows platform, acquire new users for your PWA, or meet your business goals, the new PWA builder can help get you there.

Come join the growing community of PWAs on Windows

Screenshot of the new Microsoft Store app with Facebook, FitOn, Twitter & ClipChamp

We are excited to see a growing number of PWAs in the Microsoft Store, like ClipChamp, Facebook, FitOn, Instagram, Twitter and many more. There’s never been a better time to bring your PWA to the Microsoft store, and we invite you to join us!

To start, simply add the URL to your PWA here. Based on features your PWA supports, you will be assigned a score that indicates the quality of your PWA. If you want to improve your score so your PWA integrates more seamlessly with the Windows platform, you can see our recommendations on how to do so. You can also see how your PWA compares to others tested on the platform.

Screenshot of the home page of the new PWA Builder v3

Once you have a valid web manifest and minimum requirements met, you can use our package to build your PWA, and submit for distribution on the Microsoft Store or other popular app stores.

We’re continuing to make improvements to PWA builder and welcome your feedback. Stay tuned for our upcoming news by following us on Twitter or our new blog!

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