How to Package Android

  1. In the Publish PWA step of the builder wizard, locate the Android section and click the Download button. The app package will be generated and downloaded to your local drive.

    Android Polyfill

  2. Extract the package into a local folder

  3. Open the project in Android Studio
    1. Download and install the Java SDK

    2. Download and install Android Studio and the Android SDK

    3. Open Android Studio and select the Import project option. Select the folder projects/Polyfills/cordova/platforms/android and click OK.

      Note: The version of Gradle installed by Android studio might not be compatible with the project’s Gradle configuration. If that is the case, Android Studio will show an error and provide an option to fix/upgrade the project.

  4. Test the project

    1. In Android Studio, select Run > Run in the menu bar to build and run the app

    2. If it is the first time running the app, Android Studio asks to select a deployment target. Select a device or emulator to install and run the app

  5. Build the project

    1. Select the build variant (debug release) from the Build Variants window
    2. In Android Studio, select Build > Build APK in the menu bar. The APKs are saved in projects/Polyfills/cordova/platforms/android/build/outputs/apk/

      Note: Before you can generate a release version of your app for public distribution, you must sign your APK

  6. Submit the app to the Store

    1. Go to the Google Play Developer Console

    2. Follow the steps to:

      1. Setup an Android Developer account

      2. Reserve a name for your app

      3. Upload your app package